piątek, 29 marca 2013

3rd world war at home..

The worst week ever.. I had enormous fight with my mum. She said awful things to me and she's not even talking to me. I hate this silence but I have nothing to apologise for. This all is about me deciding about my own life, making my own choices and taking some responsibility on myself. She does not agree with everything I do, but honestly that's not her business at all. I'm clueless right now.. I don't know what should I do. I don't mind her not talking to me, but she is my source of money, and this is damn truth. I do not even know if I can step out of the house. I'm scared because if I will go closer to the doors and try to go out she will scream "NOOOOOOO, YOU ARE NOT GOING ANYWHERE LITTLE MOTHERFUCKER" -this is so in her style... I'm sick of being home all the time, I have spring break so I should go out and have fun instead of staying in my room all day and being terrified if she will come to me and scream or something. I would rather move out from here than stay and live in this house longer.


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