poniedziałek, 18 marca 2013


What exactly is the basic? What does it mean? I guess I do not really know. Do we actually know about meaning of any word? You can answer on your own, but the answer is very easy and I know it. We use words, which we should not use. Why we say I love you ? Does it really means that we care about someone a lot? How can I be sure of anything if I am not sure about the basic things? We should slow down, be more patient, look around and see things that we have not ever seen before. Maybe this could be the way to understand everything? To understand the whole world? Probably. But is here anyone who can atually do this, who can understand it? GOD - people believe that this "real" something understands everything. I want God to teach me how to see, how to see the world and people. 

It always rains the hardest on the people, who deserve the sun


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